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How much would you say that your husband plays with your children per day?

Of course it varies but since we killed the TV, we have a lot more "real" time. We haven’t had TV now in three years. On a busy day he may only get an hour or two but on most days it is 3, 4, 5 or on rare nights like tonight, over six hours of solid play.

We all went to the playground, then the grocery store where he played with our son while I shopped, then,d two of them played, monster, then daddy made a giant pillow fort and tunnel. There were karate fights, shark battles and all sorts of "boy" play.

He plays in ways that I just wouldn’t think of.

I have 2 kids (4 & 6) and we have TV in our house. They can watch up to 2 hours a day (but rarely do) and we’re just starting to make our 6 year old watch some of the news. My husband works all day, but when he gets home he usually spends a good 2 hours with the children. On Saturday we go on family trips so he spends all day with them.

Where can I put my boxing bag?

I have a boxing bag. Punch bag. Can it be put on an ordinary English house ceiling without doing any damage? If not, is there anything I can attach it to without paying anything more? I have no money. Can it be attached to a kids swing frame in the garden? Would that work?

We have a full sized punch bag and it is seriously heavy. We had to attach a bracket to the side of the house to hold it and even then it took two attempts to hold it in safely :-S

How to build arm and ab muscle?

I want to become bigger meaning stronger. I do not have much equipment only 12 lb dumbbells, pull up bar, and thats about it. What can I do to build muscle? Anything? A workout schedule would be good. Other Info

130 lbs
16 years old
Basketball player
some body fat on my stomache


Push ups and pull ups HANDS DOWN!

It is all you need to big those big guns. Go to some kids playground and start there. But go slowly, because I heard somewhere that if you do a ton when starting out, will only shrink it even more because of some sorta chemical in your body.

Girls Prank Dad – Kids Water Park River Pool – Tornado Warning and Storm – Beach Swim Plans

0 Girls Prank Dad   Kids Water Park River Pool   Tornado Warning and Storm   Beach Swim PlansKids just have fun at the big water park that has slides, tunnels, lazy rivers, mazes and swimming pools. There is so much to do there that you can spend a whole day there and keep having fun. Girls play a prank on their dad and surprise him with a loud air horn while he was looking out the back door to check the weather. A big storm passed through which dropped some tornadoes and almost caused another derecho. Many people have lost their power with this storm.

Recorded using a GoPro and iPhone along with a Sony NX5U and HDR-CX550

See our videos we make with kittiesmama Friday is our extended family reality vlog. Send us your swimming or funny prank video but make sure it is a family friendly version. We have fun Monster High stop motion videos and other fun videos with Monster High toys.

See us on Nickelodeon’s “You Gotta See This” TV Series “Television Show”

You may call us at (732) 835-2083 Brittany’s instagram name is brittannymariee_

Royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Check out our funny pranks. Two girls and their dad having fun playing jokes and pranks!

Duration : 0:28:4

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3yo William going down the YMCA pool slide

0 3yo William going down the YMCA pool slideGoing down the big blue slide at the YMCA. He is 3yr 3mo in this video.

History: Turned 3yo in January 2010, joined the YMCA the last week that month. I started teaching him how to swim as often as I had the chance. He passed their swim test on March 17th 2010.

Thu 08 Apr 2010 02-45-50 PM EDT.MTS

Duration : 0:1:39

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Curious George Swings Kids Cartoon 2013

0 Curious George Swings Kids Cartoon 2013
Curious George Swings Kids Cartoon 2013
Curious George is a 2006 animated adventure film based on the book series by H.A. and Margret Rey. It features the voices of Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore, Dick Van Dyke, David Cross, Eugene Levy, Joan Plowright, Michael Sorich, Michael Chinyamurindi, Clint Howard, Ed O’Ross, and Frank Welker as the title character. Matthew O’Callaghan directed (after replacing Jun Falkenstein). This project had been in development at Imagine Entertainment for a long time, dating back at least as long ago as 1992 (and possibly many years before this).
The screenplay was written by Ken Kaufman, with a story by Kaufman and Mike Werb. Although it is a traditionally animated film, about twenty percent of it takes place in 3D environments that were computer-generated. It was the first Universal Pictures theatrically released feature-length animated film since 1995′s Balto, and Imagine Entertainment’s first animated film.

Duration : 0:54:33

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2013lefunland Indoor Playground Equipment,kids playground

0 2013lefunland Indoor Playground Equipment,kids playground2013 new style indoor playground equipment, Lefunland Indoor playground, children’s indoor playground equipment for sale! CE FCC CPSIA Certificates!

Duration : 0:1:3

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How to Use Kids in Playgrounds to Generate Power

0 How to Use Kids in Playgrounds to Generate PowerHarvesting the energy kids use on playgrounds could power a new generation of interactive outdoor toys. Ben Rooney reports.

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What are some of the must sees and do’s in a drive from manhattan to myrtle beach, sc?

Traveling with two small kids so need some ideas of things to see, do and stay between manhattan and myrtle beach, sc. Have already seen DC, Baltimore and northern Virginia.

Plan B
Garden State Parkway South to Cape May NJ
Cape May _Lewes Ferry to Lewes DE

Head south to and over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel

To Kill Devil Hills NC
Down the Outer Banks using 2 ferries to reach Cedar Island NC

Onto the mainland , thru Camp Lejune USMC and then follow the water to Myrtle Beach

How to build a rope swing into lake without a tree?

I want to build a rope swing so kids can swing off into the lake but there’s no trees around to hang it from… So how would u go about to build one??? Any ideas?

Get a traffic light pole and mast arm from the Pelco catelog.

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