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using dog agility tunnel for kids to play in?

i’m looking at the dog agility tunnels for a kids carnival instead of a kids tunnel – they’re cheaper and better. here are some i’m looking at: would they be ok? – i’m worried about possible bars on kids knees…. please answer!! i like #3, and the bars look like they wont [...]

Where can I find patterns for making animal tire swings for kids, I’d like to have the motorcycle to.?

I would bet that if you could see one that you could make it from just seeing. I surfed the web and couldn’t find it. Sorry

Do you let your kids climb up the slides on the playground?

Thats one battle I decided not to fight with them and honestly what fun are slides if you can only go down in a perfect sitting position and then climb up the ladder and repeat?? lol Obviously if someone else is waiting to slide down, my kids back down and let the kid slide down [...]

Are there any kids indoor playgrounds in the north towns of Buffalo or Niagara Falls, NY?

Coming from Toronto and am looking for an indoor playland in northern Buffalo( no further south than Walden) or in Niagara Falls on the USA side. Buffalo Magic is closed on Wednesdays so can’t go thee. Thanks Try re-posting this in the Niagara Falls New York section…..this is the Canadian one.

How come kids don’t play on wood and steel playground equipment like we did when we were kids ?

….whatever happened to going down a hot metal school slide that sat in the sun all day ? We are all too wrapped in cotton wool these days.

Kids on swings

What I have to put up with! Duration : 0:1:17 Technorati Tags: babies, kids, swings

INDOOR PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT TORONTO (888) 645-1337 ‎ 4400 Dufferin Street, Unit A6, Toronto, ON M3H 6A8, Canada (888) 645-1337 ‎ * Indoor playground equipment for kids * New in Canada and USA! * Sport activities for child at home * 1 square meter of floor space! * Includes 6 separate components! * Easy to assemble! * No marks after disassembling! * [...]

Kids Playing on Inclusive Play Playgrounds

We believe that all children should be included on the playground, and that every playground should be rich in sensory experiences that nurture all children of all abilities, and bring them together in play. Inclusive playgrounds should be able to accommodate children of all skills and abilities. Duration : 0:4:28 Technorati Tags: Center, cozy, dome, [...]

Kids on slides at Stourport.

Kids having a laugh on the big slide at Stourport. Duration : 0:1:9 Technorati Tags: birmingham, cockshut, fun, hill, kids, laugh, sheldon, slide, stanville, stourport

Kids on swings

Cute kids at the park having fun on some swings. Duration : 0:1:19 Technorati Tags: fun, kids, swings

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