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Very long toy story tent with tunnels that the kids got for Xmas

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Duration : 0:0:24 Technorati Tags: mobile

Graving tunnels in sand (Belgium beach)

I come from a family with 11 kids. I have three kids. One of our famous ‘sports’ at the beach is digging tunnels in the sand, under which you can cross… It is not as dangerous as it looks, because, every tunnel is tested with at least five adults jumping and trying to collapse the [...]

Kids on the tire swing

My children on a tire swing at the park, Oct 2006 Duration : 0:1:11 Technorati Tags: kids, tireswing

Backyard Swing Sets – Fun All Year Long Hi parents, are you looking to find the perfect outdoor recreation for your child? Do you remember how much fun you and your friends had on your swing set during your childhood and would like to be able to share that experience with your children? Do your kids love the play sets at the [...]

Park Playgrounds for Kids

Landscape Structures, the premier provider of innovative playground equipment, is committed to creating inspiring play experiences for children while honoring the environment. Our commercial playground equipment is used in parks around the world. Our park playgrounds are safe, artful, and most of all, fun. Duration : 0:1:22 Technorati Tags: accessible, EQUIPMENT, inclusive, kids, Landscape, park, [...]

Highland Elementary School Playground Equipment Grand Opening!

Snider & Associates is present for the Highland Elementary School Playground Equipment Grand Opening! The Stow Ohio elementary school is excited about their new commercial playground equipment and did a formal ribbon cutting. The playground design, playground equipment and playground installation we are all provided by Snider & Associates. Snider & Associates provides and installs [...]

Building Playgrounds and Hope for Kids

Kids Around the World promotional video explaining what the organization is, what it does, where it does it, and why. Duration : 0:7:40 Technorati Tags: child, children, fun, hardship, hope, kid, kids, playgrounds, poverty, suffering

A very dangerous feature to a kids playground

My screams were real… Duration : 0:1:0 Technorati Tags: comedy, funny, gates, holly, playground, ride, scream, swing

What is the best gravel/mulch to place under a kids climber or swing set?

Wood chips, Rubber mulch, pea gravel? what should i put under the climber in our backyard of my home daycare. This will be accessible to children as young as 12 months old. i am in canada so i dont think there are any laws for childcare regarding what to have under climbers. I like rubber [...]

What are the rules about babies in baby swings at the park?

like can you quickly walk away to push another kid in the swing or do you have to stand there the whole time? im able to see both kids from either swing im just wondering if it would be ok. i didnt leave the baby alone but i was wondering if it was ok. also [...]

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