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What is mommy playground ettiquette about hurt kids?

Stupid question……I was at the park yesterday with my fiance and our 18 mo old twins and I am one of those hovering moms that follows them like a hawk. So when they fall or get hurt, I am there. But moms of kids that are a bit older seem to be no where to [...]

Fundraisers for small daycares?

My son’s daycare needs to do a fundraiser to purchase some new playground equipment. What are some good ideas for them to do? We thought of the selling candy route but there are only 15 kids, so I don’t think there is much of a profit in that. Thanks! I like the idea of little [...]

Carnival Chair Swings Chicago IL Rental. Rent a Kiddie Chair Swing in Illinois

Our carnival chair swing has bright fun swings for the kids to choose from. The ride has 16 chair swings designed just for kids 4 feet and under. Having a ride at your event that can get 16 kids riding at once is a must for large events. Kids love swinging through the summer air. [...]

Playground Equipment – Texas Testimonial for BCI Burke

The Houston, Texas area community of West University Place is undertaking a vast playground redevelopment campaign, and chose BCI Burke playground equipment after interviewing a number of playground manufacturers and vendors. “Tommy Harper and his T.F. Harper Team are an amazing group of individuals. The combination of your Burke products and the T.F. Harper [...]

Kids Around the World Volunteers in Dominican Republic

Slideshow of volunteers etc. in the Dominican Republic for the Kids Around the World’s 100th playground build. Duration : 0:4:54 Technorati Tags: child, children, fun, hardship, hope, kid, kids, playground, playgrounds, poverty, suffering

Any downtown Indianapolis Condos near a playground for kids?

Our family will be relocating to Indy very soon. We are looking at houses of course but the hubby would like to consider living in a luxury condo downtown (similar to where we are now). I am open to it, but I do have a toddler. Does anyone know of a condo bdg that is [...]

Teenagers on playground?

We just built a new playground for the residents of the community (about 130 houses). The equipment is a metal playstructure with slides and some spring-base ride on toys. Today some teenage boys decided to sit on the ride-on toys (which are designed for 4 year olds) and skateboard down the slides. When I saw [...]

Playground Equipment Assessment

Playground Equipment Assessment Duration : 0:3:45 Technorati Tags: none

Kids on the Swings

June 11 Duration : 0:1:20 Technorati Tags: in, kids, Milwaukee

Kids can suffer burns at playgrounds

Eighteen-month-old Madyson Gomez is recovering from second degree burns, her injuries came from spending mere seconds on a slide at a neighborhood park. Duration : 0:1:56 Technorati Tags: none

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