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ZEPHYR, REVOLT, & MIN ONE doing silver pieces in the West Side tunnels circa 1983. see more @ http://www.zephyrgraffiti.com/ camera: VANDAL edit: Reid van Renesse 2003© Duration : 0:2:28 Technorati Tags: electro, graffiti, hip-hop, history, MIN, NYC, REVOLT, spraypaint, tunnels, ZEPHYR

Alpine Slide Snow King Wyoming

Mike Penrod filming live on the Alpine slide in Snow King Wyoming in the Grand Tetons. Duration : 0:2:25 Technorati Tags: activity for kids, activity with kids, Alpine Slide, how to have fun i Wyoming, Jackson hole., kids, kids and adults games, Mike Penrod, Share Fun Trips, ski, ski resort, slide, Snow King, Tetons Mountains, [...]

This is why kids shouldn’t stand in front of swings!!!

This is why kids shouldn’t stand infront of swings!!! Duration : 0:0:21 Technorati Tags: Dairyofabadman, HumzaProductions

The Worst Playground Idea Ever

This should probably not have been used in the playground. Duration : 0:0:20 Technorati Tags: children, fail, Fall, funny, kids, playground, spin

LEGO Star Wars 2 The Original Trilogy Cheats and codes(2/2)

Class Tips Like the first game, there’re some general classes of characters you know about: Blaster – Fires ranged attack. Has wire hook to grapple. Default characters include any one with a gun. Customizable from the cantina station. Note the character with the revolver type weapon has the shoot dodge (and rapid fire) ability. Jedi [...]

Fat Kid on a Slip N Slide

Fat Kid on a home made slip n slide Duration : 0:0:18 Technorati Tags: boy, Fall, Falling, fat, funny, hilarious, kid, slide, slip

these kids are hilarious

piper and gabe again, on the swings at islip beach. Duration : 0:4:11 Technorati Tags: beach, island, islip, kids, long, new, ny, playground, swings, york

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set, Freestanding (Earthtone)

Click here to get up 60% OFF: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003M5IYIU?tag=arnelc10-20 Are your kids ready for a big swing set? Lifetime’s Big Stuff Adventure set takes just a couple of hours to set up, but provides kids with years and years of safe outdoor fun. Lifetime’s big swing sets are designed with plenty of activities to keep your [...]

Natural Children’s Playground Concepts

If you’ve hiked mountain paths, caught frogs and crayfish in a stream, rolled down a grassy hill, planted seeds, played in mud, or followed animal trails, then youve enjoyed natural play. The intent of our designs is to reunite kids with nature and the concept of natural play. Playspaces are designed to allow and encourage [...]

Space Station Tent with 4 Tunnels Pacific Play Tents

Click here for more details: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003P6DMTM?tag=liquidnet-20 Space Station Tent with 4 Tunnels Pacific Play Tents Talk about a kids dream come true, this is it. Has everything a child needs for hours of fun. Great for parties or entertaining children. Duration : 0:0:38 Technorati Tags: ball pit, ball pit balls, beach shade, children s pop [...]

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