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who said water slides are only for kids?? lol

buzzin..havin a good time.. Duration : 0:5:12 Technorati Tags: slide..funny..grown, summer,, WATER


Theres No Kids in Liberty City. So what happend to them ? Did the Playgrounds “Mad Swings of Death” Kill them all ?. go to the spot on the Map and you will find it at the Playground. Then Just try to Swing on one and it will throw you off. hit it and it [...]

Build FORT MAGIC Forts & Tunnels The Ultimate Fort Building and Construction Kit For Children 5 1/2 and Older! **** FORT MAGIC contains a whopping 349 pieces! A single kit includes 142 straight & curved sticks…in 7 different sizes that can build anything kids can think of! 77 Connector Pieces in 5 varieties of shapes and sizes! Fort Magic also [...]

kids on the slide

kids in pool Duration : 0:2:21 Technorati Tags: slide

Losing Touch by Lisa Pham – featuring CR Avery’s “Blackbird”

Experimental 16mm short. Blackbird from CR Avery’s “Speak of the Devil”. Duration : 0:3:0 Technorati Tags: Avery, CR, experimental, film, filmmaker, kids, Lisa, losing, Pham, rabbit, reel, short, swings, touch

Kids playing in tents and tunnels

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Duration : 0:0:26 Technorati Tags: mobile

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Glitch – Yoshi Can Slide! (Description has more info, kids. ;D)

No idea how this happened. I was just dicking around on Starship Mario, trying to find out what the cap was for lives (it caps at 99, BTW) and this happened. I didn’t even see what was going on at the time it happened, and I tried duplicating the results to no avail, so if [...]

The Best Tummy Toning Workout 1 – Swings & Planks

http://FitMiss.TV Part 1 of 4 My youngest of 3 kids is 6 and I didn’t have my stomach back until about a 18 months ago, and this is what I did for my abs along with cutting out sugars and HFCS. Visit my blog for written details and questions. Duration : 0:3:52 Technorati Tags: best [...]

Kids playing on water slide

Kids playing Duration : 0:3:17 Technorati Tags: kids, playing, WATER

Interactive Swings!

*DON’T START HERE, GO TO THE BEGINNING!*: Welcome to the Interactive Swings! Twitter: Side Channel: Music used with kind permission from: Kevin Macleod- Duration : 0:0:25 Technorati Tags: beach, cards, dawson, dumb, fun, game, interactive, joey, kids, magic, playground, shane, stupid, swings, TV, uncuthashbrown, wee

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