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This was before the discovery of my digital camera. Duration : 0:4:33 Technorati Tags: adventure, anus, children, Chris, construction, funny, goonies, home, kids, pop, productions, tunnel, tunnels

Bouncy Slide in our Dining Room

This video is from 2007. We had a big bouncy slide in our dining room for a while. The kids loved it. Duration : 0:1:2 Technorati Tags: bouncer, kids

Kids flipping off of swings

Port Barre, LA, two boys swinging then does a backwards flip and flips off swing perfectly! Duration : 0:0:31 Technorati Tags: amazing, Back Swinging, backwards, boys, flip, flips, La Kids, louisiana, off, Port Barre, prefectly, swing, Swinging

secret tunnels of Glendale

people coming in and out of the wrong doors Duration : 0:1:41 Technorati Tags: Doors, exit, exits, funny, Humour, kids, Kids (film), Open, random, Randomness, Secret, silly, Strange, tunnel, weird, wrong

Vegetable Art Photo Slide

my version of encouraging pinoy kids to go and eat their vegetables!!! a simple photo slide using veggie art i found in symbianize, thanks to caloynik125 and the knorr cube company for the background audio clip!!!=) Duration : 0:1:33 Technorati Tags: Art, cubes, gulay, kids, knorr, philippine, pinoy, sinabawang, vegetable, veggie

I just saw kids sliding with shoes on a regular floor. What are those special shoes ?

Heelies or some other shoes with wheels in the heel. That rhymes!

Homemade Slip’n'Slide (Waterslide)

Using 4 kids waterslides, an inflatable ramp and splash pool we made this thing, about 30m long, good fun Duration : 0:3:39 Technorati Tags: awesome, homemade, pool, slide, slip, splash, Waterslide

Flinging cats by the tail on Hamas TV

The latest episode of a popular Hamas children’s TV show, Tomorrow’s Pioneers, features its main character cruelly swinging cats by their tails and throwing stones at caged lions in the Gaza zoo. The episode of Tomorrow’s Pioneers features a costumed adult playing Nahool the Bee at the zoo, tormenting domestic cats and lions. The lions [...]

Hi Kids Scott Englebright talks about oil on slides.

Scott finishes oiling his horn on the bus. He ran out of time while cleaning it in the hotel room. Now you know why I was moving as fast as I did when I cleaned mine. Duration : 0:1:4 Technorati Tags: Scooter, Scott Englebright, Stomvi-USA, Thompson Music

ChildrensCastle Fortress Play Equipment

You can have as many of these high quality Castle Turrets as you wish, either as single Play Areas or as part of a larger design, they enhance the Castles really well. Let your imagination run away with you and design your own Castle or Turret play area, for the Children to enjoy many hours [...]

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