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How do McDonalds and Burger King design those big tunnels and slides games for kids?

Is there any software, 3D design or something? I’m referring to the slides, tunnels made ofplastic in some of the restaurants. I’m interested in designing some. Just for fun I really don’t know but I know what your talking about.


Sorry about the quality…anyway, the first song is Good Evening by John Reuben and the second one is Go For A Ride by Jesse Harlin. Duration : 0:5:27 Technorati Tags: coaster, help, rct3, roller, tunnel, tunnels, tutorial, tycoon

Let’s Play Happy Wheels! Part 37: Rope swings for dayz kids!

Part 37 of my Happy Wheels playthrough, be sure to like! Mmm, dat tags: Happy Wheels gameplay commentary playthrough play through let’s play lp BeenieBomb gory gore bloody blood best flash game of all time super fun flash game games YouTube video funny haha hahaha lol LOL inspired by AKSPartainkiIIer UberHaxorNova Nova and PewDiePie why [...]

How to make a really big Slip’n Slide in your own back yard

How to make a super long slip’n slide at home in your own back yard, one that doesn’t need a big hill, or oil, or soap… just a garden hose. Unlike other internet sliding videos, three adorable children here demonstrate that awesome sliding tricks are really child’s play, after all Duration : 0:6:51 Technorati Tags: [...]

How inflatable slides Make Your Kids Smart and Active?

How inflatable slides Make Your Kids Smart and Active It doesn’t make them smart, but kids sure do love to slide!

slide tackle into a pole! ouch!

a foot ball player slide tackles in to a goal post! ouch! Duration : 0:0:11 Technorati Tags: ABC, AND, Ball, children, foot, for, Goal, in, kids, learning, lmfao, Lol, ouch, player, post, slide, tackles, to

Rescuing Childhood: Understanding Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents Rescuing Childhood Understanding Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents Up until 15 years ago, Bipolar Disorder, or Manic Depression (as it was previously known). was considered to be rare and almost nonexistent in childhood. Common wisdom was that it was more a disorder of adulthood, and /or late adolescence. Recent advances in our understanding [...]

Beyond Text – Children’s Playground Games.wmv

Jonnie Robinson of the British Library and Dr. Rebekah Willett of the Institute of Education explain their parts in this exciting research project into Children’s Playground games. Building on the famous study of children’s folklore collected by Peter & Iona Opie dating from 60 years ago, this new British Library website hosts material from two [...]

Would you let your kids play in those plastic indoor playgrounds at McDonalds? Germs and bacteria?

NO!! I suggest no I am barely 13 but when I used to play in them I started thinking I dont know if someone did something really nasty here but there is a lot of bacteria on those playgrounds trust me but I mean a lot so dont let your kids or any kids play [...]

Water slide

The kids play in the back yard. Duration : 0:2:26 Technorati Tags: kids

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