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Underground Tunnels, Cities, and Civilization

Tribes of people seem to be living in deep underground cities, very ancient, in the deep Amazon, Spain, Turkey, and many other places around the world. Duration : 0:7:2 Technorati Tags: 2012, amazon, anunnaki, atlantis, hopi, inca, reptilian, tribe, tunnels, ufo, Underground

NEAR DEATH Waterslide Accident: Launch and Fall

I shot this video at Utah’s Seven Peaks Waterpark in 2008. It is possible to get going fast enough to completely leave the slide. This kid barely avoided falling to his death. He was a little banged up and freaked out when I talked to him at the bottom. Should they close slides like this? [...]


IT WAS SO HOT TODAY!!! Duration : 0:11:48 Technorati Tags: Caden, cute, is, So

Burberry $750 Kids’ Coats Turn Playgrounds to Runways: Video

Sept. 14 (Bloomberg) — Gucci, the Italian brand owned by Paris-based PPR SA, and Burberry Group Plc, the U.K.’s largest luxury retailer, are targeting status-conscious parents with $340 fur-lined suede infant boots, a $375 baby cashmere outfit and a girl’s double-breasted gabardine trench coat retailing for $750. Bloomberg’s Gigi Stone reports. (Source: Bloomberg) Duration : [...]

Airstrikes Hit Gaza Tunnels after the ‘Ceasefire’

Shots of unexploded Israeli bombs, and a huge crater in the ground. Todd Baer showing the damage from the bomb. Shots of old women crying and shouting. Various shots of tunnels being constructed and Palestinians ‘smuggling’ various foods, medicines, and other items. Kids playing and a wide shot of Palestinians in shanty places. Duration : [...]

Missing Children – All These Lives

This is a slideshow of Snapshot Search’s Main Focus children, Children Of The Month, Prayer Team Kids and a few others we have not covered yet who have not been found. Between pictures of the children are some slides with information on how to help these kids. Duration : 0:3:11 Technorati Tags: Adji Desir, Alexis [...]

Is it bad that I like to play on the swings and I’m a senior in high school?

I absolutely love playing on the swings. I have a nice park near my house that’s practically abandoned, but since it’s quiet, I always go there to relax, or have fun without having to worry about little kids. Is this bad? Or normal? It’s normal. What’s wrong with being on the swings at any age? [...]

Tunnel Kids

Many kids have asked me if they can go skydiving. The answer is that you must be 18 in order to jump. But you CAN do indoor skydiving! Check out these 2 kids called “Team Future”. Duration : 0:2:39 Technorati Tags: indoor, ohrian, skydiving

FAIL. Kid falls off of 50 foot water slide and dies! (NOT REALLY)

FAKE water slide accident.. youtube will never post videos that has this kind of material.. i did this as an experiment… i got really good results… damn. Duration : 0:0:21 Technorati Tags: 50, accident, AND, But, Chase, child, Crash, Epic, fail, Fails, Failure (Quotation Subject), falls, foot, fun, Have, kid, Lol, Noob, Not, of, ownage, [...]

Recess Stories #2 Princess Twin– comedy series for kids

What do you do when a princess visits your school? In this episode of Recess Stories, Petal’s mysterious twin sister visits the playground. Subscribe!: http://www.youtube.com/user/RecessStories more info: http://www.RecessStories.com “like” us at: https://www.facebook.com/RecessStories “follow” us at: https://twitter.com/#!/RecessStories Duration : 0:2:15 Technorati Tags: children, games, kids, movies for kids, online TV, play, playground, playtime, Princess, recess, recess [...]

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