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Archive for December, 2012

Little Tikes Slam & Curve Slide Water Park

Fun times with a backyard inflatable water slide! Duration : 0:2:13

Fat kid stuck in swing Bringing you another Fat kid stuck in swing because he is too big boned, Thanks mom for feeding me so much mcmierda Visit my blog Visit my blog for more videos and news Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel Duration : 0:0:30

Recess Doctor – Andrea Bossenmeyer of Peaceful Playgrounds Program SchoolTube talks to Andrea Bossenmeyer from Peaceful Playgrounds at the 2009 NAESP Convention in New Orleans. Andrea explains the components of the Peaceful Playgrounds school recess organization program. Duration : 0:0:37

How should I put toys inside a balloon?

I’m going to my mom’s work tomorrow. There are bunches of kids there and I wanted to put a few toys and stuff into a normal latex balloon. Then I plan on blowing it up (with my own breath, not helium). How should I put the toys inside the balloon? Toys first, or breath first? [...]

What’s the funniest fight you have ever seen?

One time, these two girls who were 15 got into a major fight over which kid from the Jonas Brothers was cuter. They got suspended over it. Then there was this fight between two students, and the teacher who tried to break it up was fat and looked like Santa, he had this huge stomach [...]

What is good at Keeping seven kids under the age 10 busy in a house?

I will have a house full of kids in a few hours for the entire weekend. Can anyone PLEASE help me with keeping them busy so I don’t go crazy We will be going to an amusement park one day and the beach another….So, I just need to find something to keep them busy when [...]

How can I get my 2 year old to stop pushing other kids at the park?

He isn’t around other kids alot cause he is in my aunts care when I’m at work. For no reason, he just runs up to girls smaller than him and pushes them down. In my experience, parents often make the mistake of trying to explain to children this young WHY what they’re doing in wrong [...]

What do you think about todays kids having so many material possessions? lsn’t it out of hand?

Don’t get me wrong, l’m all for children having toys, but for example, l personally know; a 1 year old with 2(!) bedrooms full of toys (besides his own room), most are unopened, and nobody knows what to buy him now, a 6 year old with a tv, vcr, dvd, and ps2 in his room, [...]

“Slides Are For Kids” Mac Miller Diss (DMX Beat)

Mac Miller did a remix to this DMX track a while back, Listen as i express my thoughts throughout my version of DMX’s “Get It On The Floor” Duration : 0:3:3

DreamGym Doorway Swing Review

We love our Door Swing! Fun for all children including children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. For more reviews see me at Duration : 0:2:45

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