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How long does it take to get over a broken engagement?

My fiance and I broke things off 4 weeks ago. It was more my decision than his. I miss him, but I feel that it will be better for me in the long run. He is a wonderful person, but he is bipolar and his moods were draining on me. I could only imagine how [...]

Is it acceptable to hit a toddler in self-defense?

The kid was swinging his pacifier around in a threatening manner your honor. I felt that my very life was in danger. No oh my God your a sick sick pigtailed individual. Why would you even ask such a horrible rotten question? You should know better than to ask things like that you aught to [...]

What can I get for my kids to play on in a small back yard?

I am looking for something for my kids to play on everyday day that not too big any ideas? We have 8ft by 15ft for something for the kids. I was trying to get a wood fort or something maybe a swing set with out the swing and slide. a chute. you can have so [...]

My dogs loves adults but is fearful of kids, how do I get her to warm up to kids?

She’s never had a bad experiece with kids as far as I know. We got her from the pound at 2 months old. She’s never really been around kids. She gets very excited to see adults but sticks up her fur, backs away, and barks a little when she sees kids and/or babies. She’s a [...]

i Moon Bounce Rentals | Los Angeles Jumpers, Safe Party Rentals, Kids Bounce Houses Water Slides

At i Moon Bounce Rentals we provide safe jumpers, jump houses, inflatable water slides and other inflatable fun games for Los Angeles kid’s parties and events! Duration : 0:0:18

Playground swing slomo.wmv

why dont we play this way anymore. Swings were for the brave of heart and were to be challenged in every playground in New Zealand by the generation that now says they are not approved??? Duration : 0:1:19

How many toys does your toddler have? Or how much of your house does your baby occupy?

I’m wondering how many toys other people give their toddlers. You can estimate. Each stuffed animal counts as one toy. A fisher price barn with all the animals I would count as one. Each hotwheels is one toy. You can figure your own system. I’m wondering if we’re nuts or if most people have this [...]

Wondering when parents will start taking responsibility for their kids and quit blaming schools systems.?

Anyone else fed up with disrespectful kids these days. Where’s the discipline? Parents get mad at schools and teachers for any type of punishment for disrectful behavior. The example that parents are setting…… wow, scary to think what these kids will turn out like in society! That does seem to be a popular attitude right [...]

Why does my crazy and mean brother hit me?

So I’m a teenage girl and he’s an 8 year old boy, and I know that right now you might be thinking that little kids do that, but it hurts a lot! And no, I’m not a wimp, he’s just so strong! And like yesterday when we went to the waterpark I called him a [...]

How do you convince two clingy kids to let parents go away for a weekend?

I’m married 5 years to my wife and we have 2 kids together who are 4 and 2 . Me and my wife haven’t had much alone time for obvious reasons and I’d like to get away for one weekend with her . Everytime me and my wife try to go somewhere our four year [...]

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