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[Where's Shmee?] Eurotrip! Gulf Boxster S, Knokke-Heist and Tunnels – Episode 01

Where’s Shmee? For the next 2 months I will be travelling around Europe in my R8 Spyder, visiting all sorts of automotive places including car manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Porsche, tuning companies such as Gemballa, FAB Design and more and some great events around Europe such as Spring Event in the Netherlands, Top [...]

Kids on the swings

Jos Bori on the swings Duration : 0:3:1

Climbers and Slides — Need to bring Some Fun Into Your Kids Life? The Best Selection of Climbers and Slides on the Market! Climbers and Slides — Need to bring Some Fun Into Your Kids Life? If you need to add some additional fun into your kids life, I would suggest you get a Climbers and Slides. This structure is concerned newer and it is fairly priced. [...]

Cubbyhouses: All You Add is Kids Playground Equipment

If you are thinking of buying a cubbyhouse for your kids or have already purchased one, then to make it a complete package all you need to do is add kids playground equipment. Playground equipment gives kids a huge amount of joy and excitement, whilst at the same time helps children develop strength, flexibility and [...]

Liz Shuler (AFL-CIO) Thanks Randy Vermillion (A&A Playgrounds) for Keeping Kids Safe

Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO Liz Shuler thanks Randy Vermillion for his work at A&A Playgrounds and his work in keeping children safe. *To send your own thank you, visit: Duration : 0:0:44

Blood Red Shoes Cold – Live at The Tunnels 09.05.12 [HD]

FugsterJ Red Shoes Cold – Live at The Tunnels 09.05.12 [HD] Duration : 0:4:36

Swing and Slides — Is it Still a Popular Thing For Kids? The Best Selection of Swing Sets on the Market! Swing and Slides — Is it Still a Popular Thing For Kids? So Swing and Slides have seemed to lose a little bit of their edge and that was to be expected. They have been around for some long people tend to forget about them [...]

How to Exercise at the Playground while Your Kids Play: Fitzness Minute

Taking your kids or grandkids to the playground is a good thing. Sitting on you butt while they play is a bad thing. Trash your latte and make great use of that playground equipment to get in a little exercise too! Fitness expert, Fitz Koehler of, shows you how. Video Courtesy of ABC’s WCJB [...]

Big Kid Swings!

Dagny’s very first time on the big kids swings! I can’t believe she’s not even 3 yet! Notice the ginormous pile of leaves under her swing. We had to cover the huge pit of muck and mud. Ah the joys of poorly draining soils. Duration : 0:0:32

Nov 21, 2012 Russia_Craftsman battles against closure of wooden playground

This is a fairytale, Russian style. The old witch Baba Yaga lives right here – in this house. The Flying Dutchman has just landed. And these out-of-the ordinary swings offer a ride even to those who’ve only just learnt how to walk. And this is the man behind the wooden wonderland. SOUNDBITE: Andrei Salnikov, engineer [...]

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