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Hexagon Hut : play hut for kids : play tents and tunnels : child play tent Playhut’s Hexagon hut features EZ Twist technology for setup and breakdown in seconds. Includes 3 foot play tunnel that allows attachment to other Playhut structures. Hexagon Hut measures over 5 feet tall and 7.5 feet long!! Includes carry bag and plastic stakes for outside use. Duration : 0:0:16

Cure for Mood Swings in Kids – Lower Your Childrens Stubbornness – Soul Healing

At times a child may experience a sudden change in mood or display an unexpected change in behaviour. In typical children, these changes are mild and not troubling. A child may turn sad because of something he or she has just read or experienced. Or the child may suddenly become happy after thinking about pleasant [...]

Kids Water Slide Fun – Funny Bug Prank on Girls – School Dance – Baby at Playground

Kids just love swimming and playing on the water slide when the weather is nice. See how these girls set up their outdoor water slide and have fun sliding down the hill and splashing water. It may not be the world’s longest slide ever but it is fun to wipeout! Dad plays a funny spider [...]

GameTime Playground Equipment: Enriching Childhood for 80 Years

GameTime Playground Equipment has been enriching childhood for 80 years. Duration : 0:3:16

Hong Kong Toy Club’s Mobile Playground – Kids Club Running out of ideas where to bring your kids? Kids Club is Hong Kong Toy Club’s mobile playground that brings a wide variety of toys like bouncy castles, ride-on cars and bikes, ball pools, trains, tents and tunnels, playhouses to an area where children can enjoy in a safe and supervised environment. Join Kids [...]

Why do poor people in the phillipines have so many children?

I’m not saying all of them. I just watched this filipino show on TFC they were doing a report about these 3 kids who were friends. I’ll retell you what i saw on the show. They were aged 6, 5 and 4. Everyday after school the kids would go play in the park and ye [...]

How do I get started working out, being waaay out of shape?

I’m a 32 year old, father of 2, smoker, and built like a 5’10" version of Danny DeVito. I work 10 hour days that start @ 5am, & my wife works evenings, so as soon as I get off work I have to zip home ASAP to watch our small kids. Just recently turning 32, [...]

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