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How to Use Kids in Playgrounds to Generate Power

Harvesting the energy kids use on playgrounds could power a new generation of interactive outdoor toys. Ben Rooney reports. Click here to subscribe to our channel: ‪‬ Visit us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit the Wall Street Journal: Duration : 0:1:4

How can I get my child to play with others?

My son has grown up with no other children of his age which led to him playing by himself. He is now three years old and I wanted to register him for kindergarten when I realized how badly he communicates with other children. Since english is not our first language he never speaks english with [...]

Beautiful Children Play on Wet Water Playground

Cute video about kids playing on wet playground. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of as the original author of the video. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!! A wet playground is a place [...]

Hong Kong Toy Club’s Mobile Playground – Kids Club Running out of ideas where to bring your kids? Kids Club is Hong Kong Toy Club’s mobile playground that brings a wide variety of toys like bouncy castles, ride-on cars and bikes, ball pools, trains, tents and tunnels, playhouses to an area where children can enjoy in a safe and supervised environment. Join Kids [...]

DSN Ep 7: DIY Playground

Judy and Adam journey to the northern mountains of Nicaragua to work with the kids of Cusmapa to build the playground of their dreams. With the help of the Fabretto Children’s Foundation, a non profit organization that helps local children reach their full potential, the entire community pitches in, working from the ground up to [...]

How can you break free from depression?

I have had this ever since I can remember. I remember being a little kid in the playground being depressed because I was growing up too fast ( this was like 4th grade ) When I was 12 I had dangerously low self-esteem and planned out how I would kill myself… I have gotten better [...]

Volunteers build playgrounds for kids with cancer

Volunteers build playgrounds for kids with cancer Duration : 0:2:20

Playground 2 kids

climbing sliding wild animals quiz and a giant kitty cat with wings? Duration : 0:18:16

Liz Shuler (AFL-CIO) Thanks Randy Vermillion (A&A Playgrounds) for Keeping Kids Safe

Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO Liz Shuler thanks Randy Vermillion for his work at A&A Playgrounds and his work in keeping children safe. *To send your own thank you, visit: Duration : 0:0:44

Nov 21, 2012 Russia_Craftsman battles against closure of wooden playground

This is a fairytale, Russian style. The old witch Baba Yaga lives right here – in this house. The Flying Dutchman has just landed. And these out-of-the ordinary swings offer a ride even to those who’ve only just learnt how to walk. And this is the man behind the wooden wonderland. SOUNDBITE: Andrei Salnikov, engineer [...]

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