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Bicentennial Park, Sydney – Kids Activities

Bicentennial Park – – Bicentennial Park is part of Sydney Olympic Park and offers visitors recreation, nature-based tours, environmental education and outdoor event experiences. The Park offers free entry, BBQs, picnic areas, playgrounds, pathways and cycleways, parking, access to the wetlands, salt marsh and bird hides. Additional features include Lake Belvedere, Peace Monument, Treillage [...]

Bicentennial Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia – Kids Parks, Playgrounds & Venues

Hey Gorgeous Kids – – is about making parenting fun. Discover new and fun activities to do with your kids and explore many new child friendly parks, venues and playgrounds. Duration : 0:1:5 Technorati Tags: adventure playground, beach, Bicentennial Park, child, children, children outdoor, children playground, fun playground, kids, kids at park, kids at [...]

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