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NEAR DEATH Waterslide Accident: Launch and Fall

I shot this video at Utah’s Seven Peaks Waterpark in 2008. It is possible to get going fast enough to completely leave the slide. This kid barely avoided falling to his death. He was a little banged up and freaked out when I talked to him at the bottom. Should they close slides like this? [...]

P&B: Crazy Water Slide Fun

How many kids can we fit in this little pool and water slide? The kids get a little crazy when they are all together but they all had fun and nobody was seriously injured. Duration : 0:0:48 Technorati Tags: boys, fun, funny, kids, laughing, P&B, playing, slide, summer, twins, WATER

Rusty Swings and Poked Butts, Um, Why? #1

Oh hey lovelies, what’s shakin’. Thanks for watching, be sure to leave me a comment telling me what the next ‘Um, Why?’ should be. And yes, I know my voice got super high pitched, blame the audio and me getting into my rant. Also let me know if you like this series, and if you [...]

Xavier dives over kids on swings

Follow my twitter @sean_mcsherry Duration : 0:0:34 Technorati Tags: all, black, Changing, comedy, diving, Dramatic, extreme, faces, free, funny, jumps, kid, Lives, music, over, Parkour, Rage, run, running, team, Temple, Training, tricks

Kids on swings NAD NED נד נד נד נד by

kids playground kids playground safety fun funny girl boy luke lukie luky aryan padme passey parents Duration : 0:1:29 Technorati Tags: adorable, aryan, boy, by, child, cute, fun, funny, girl, joy, kid, kids, love, Luke, lukie, luky,, NAD, NED, nice, on, padme, parents, passey, play, playground, safety, set, sweet, swing, swings, נד

Fat woman falls down steps & wipes out a line of kids

Recorded on July 8th 2012 at a park picnic a heavy weight woman falls/slides down the steps of a water slide and wipes out all the children. Watch for this video on Good Morning America-sunday and any ABC television station. 07/15/12 Duration : 0:0:29 Technorati Tags: ABC, America, bowling, comedy, domino, effect, falls, fat, Florida, [...]

How to get your kids to do stuff.

vlog1 getting your kids to do stuff is easy when u bribe them with money. Kole’s favorite subject in school is drama, he wants to become an actor. Skye is a spoiled little adorable wonder toddler! ADD TO UR FAVORITES PLEASE! 
 TWITTER: ‪ Duration : 0:3:29 Technorati Tags: Album, blonde, brand, brand new, [...]

Let’s Play Happy Wheels! Part 37: Rope swings for dayz kids!

Part 37 of my Happy Wheels playthrough, be sure to like! Mmm, dat tags: Happy Wheels gameplay commentary playthrough play through let’s play lp BeenieBomb gory gore bloody blood best flash game of all time super fun flash game games YouTube video funny haha hahaha lol LOL inspired by AKSPartainkiIIer UberHaxorNova Nova and PewDiePie why [...]

How to make a really big Slip’n Slide in your own back yard

How to make a super long slip’n slide at home in your own back yard, one that doesn’t need a big hill, or oil, or soap… just a garden hose. Unlike other internet sliding videos, three adorable children here demonstrate that awesome sliding tricks are really child’s play, after all Duration : 0:6:51 Technorati Tags: [...]

Jimmy Silverman – Child Athlete Agent (2003 ESPYs)

Vince Vaughn stars as Jimmy Silverman – a relentless child athlete agent. Tune into the 2011 ESPYs, July 13, on ESPN. On Twitter: @ESPYs Duration : 0:3:22 Technorati Tags: agent, child athlete, children, crazy, duck duck goose, ESPN, ESPY, ESPY awards, Espys, funny, hide n’ seek, Jerry Maguire, Jimmy Silverman, kids, little league, Parody, [...]

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