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HAPPY HOP Jumping Castle and Water Slides for sale from Little Kids Big Kids, buy water slides and jumping castles from us and have party fun in your own backyard! Happy Hop (Swiftech LTD, China) appointed Little Kids Big Kids Pty Ltd the sole distributor for the Happy Hop range of inflatable jumping castles and [...]

FAIL. Kid falls off of 50 foot water slide and dies! (NOT REALLY)

FAKE water slide accident.. youtube will never post videos that has this kind of material.. i did this as an experiment… i got really good results… damn. Duration : 0:0:21 Technorati Tags: 50, accident, AND, But, Chase, child, Crash, Epic, fail, Fails, Failure (Quotation Subject), falls, foot, fun, Have, kid, Lol, Noob, Not, of, ownage, [...]

P&B: Crazy Water Slide Fun

How many kids can we fit in this little pool and water slide? The kids get a little crazy when they are all together but they all had fun and nobody was seriously injured. Duration : 0:0:48 Technorati Tags: boys, fun, funny, kids, laughing, P&B, playing, slide, summer, twins, WATER

Aarons Cubby House and Play Equipment – Aarons Cubbies are a great for kids!

In this video Aaron explains his unbeatable cubby range! Aarons playhouse’s, Fort’s and Cubby House’s are simply the best in quality and value! Aaron’s Outdoor Living have a fantastic range of cubby houses available. We offer the highest quality and best value for money in cubby house. Children will be entertained for hours, as all [...]

Our kids and Jenna SLIP N SLIDE

heartsofshader, kids, and, Jenna, SLIP, N, SLIDEOur kids and Jenna SLIP N SLIDE Duration : 0:4:25 Technorati Tags: AND, jenna, kids, n, Our, slide, slip

Rusty Swings and Poked Butts, Um, Why? #1

Oh hey lovelies, what’s shakin’. Thanks for watching, be sure to leave me a comment telling me what the next ‘Um, Why?’ should be. And yes, I know my voice got super high pitched, blame the audio and me getting into my rant. Also let me know if you like this series, and if you [...]

Big kids shouldn’t play on slides

Epic fail sophie Duration : 0:1:17 Technorati Tags: Epic, fail, fun, life, Memories, monkey, slide

Kacen Climbs & Jacelyn Slides

We went OOT & this is one of the videos from our trip Duration : 0:4:15 Technorati Tags: baby, bathing, bebe, bikini, BIRTHDAY, breastfed, bub, child, children, climbing, country, dogs, eades, Family, grandparents, kids, ladder, longview, Mom, moms, mother, mum, on, pad, playground, playing, puppoes, puppy, set, shorts, slide, splash, Station, suits, swim, swing, tatum, [...]

Grand Wailea – Volcano Waterslide #2 – Kids Slide a little slower – Water Slide Maui, Hawaii

Grand Wailea – Volcano Waterslide #2 – Grand Wailea – Volcano Waterslide #1. A trip down the #2 water slides at the Grand Wailea Resort & Spa in Waliea, Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. This slide is a little slower and more gentle than the #1 slide; great for younger kids and adults who don’t [...]

Metal Detecting an Old Abandoned Army Playground with Garrett AT Pro

Well a sunday drive to the site of a Army base. After the outbreak of World War II, there arose a strategic need for an Army depot and workshop situated away from the coastal area, but accessible by road and rail from Perth. This area was chosen as it fitted all these requirements and construction [...]

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