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Snow Tunnel

On our second Snow Day of February, Daddy and the kids made snow tunnels in the big drifts in our back yard. Duration : 0:3:29 Technorati Tags: snow, tunnel

Rescue 911 – Episode 214 – “Sand-Tunnel Boy”

A boy suffocates when he is buried in a collapsed sand tunnel. This segment was taken from Episode 214 which aired on January 8, 1991 on CBS. This particular version of the segment was taken from a 30-minute syndicated episode, so small parts of it may have been cut out to make room for commercials. [...]

Sour Patch Kids Commercial — Cyclist

New Sour Patch Kids Commercial (2010) – The Cyclist. Sour Patch® Kids candy Sour. Sweet. Gone. ® Duration : 0:0:17 Technorati Tags: bicycle, bike, funny commercial, gummy, sour patch tv ad, Sour sweet gone, Sour then sweet, tunnel, Wall

Metro 2033; pt 4: Kids dont need Bullets!

Here is part 4 of Metro 2033, the begining isnt the same as last time but the save mucked up Stephen spends his time trying to find a man, before taking to the tunnels on foot… Duration : 0:14:45 Technorati Tags: 2033, armoury, bandit, bullets, cliff, DEATH, first, follow, found, grenades, hand, hanger, kid, lost, [...]


Sorry about the quality…anyway, the first song is Good Evening by John Reuben and the second one is Go For A Ride by Jesse Harlin. Duration : 0:5:27 Technorati Tags: coaster, help, rct3, roller, tunnel, tunnels, tutorial, tycoon


This long abandon tunnel from Otford to where it enters Stanwell Park from under Bald Hill is part of the Helensburgh network of tunnels that had to be closed because of the steep grades through them. This Otford tunnel was the longest that even had special chimney type air vents to take the sickening fumes [...]


May 2012. Thanks to the popularity of this little film, I have made GHOST TUNNEL REVEALED. A short film that shows this tunnel as it is today, and it looks very different with nature taking over. Check it out. Also check out GHOST TRAIN, my short film using this same location and done in a [...]

Extreme Winter Snow Tunnel

This is a snow fort we built in March of 2007. It was located in Alberta, Canada. We piled the snow using a tractor, and then dug tunnels through the resulting mound of snow. It took the better part of three days. It may look dangerous, but we were able to walk on top of [...]


This was before the discovery of my digital camera. Duration : 0:4:33 Technorati Tags: adventure, anus, children, Chris, construction, funny, goonies, home, kids, pop, productions, tunnel, tunnels

secret tunnels of Glendale

people coming in and out of the wrong doors Duration : 0:1:41 Technorati Tags: Doors, exit, exits, funny, Humour, kids, Kids (film), Open, random, Randomness, Secret, silly, Strange, tunnel, weird, wrong

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